Waves in the air.

My Sounds

Unlike photography and filmmaking, music was not as familiar to me to create as images, but in a couple of years I managed to learn some music, playing a keyboard and a guitar, then inspiration comes from everywhere.


This song was a collaboration between my best friend (sound engineer) and me for one of my videos, took about 2 weeks to finish the song alone, the whole video 6 months! I consider this one of the best music productions I’ve been involved in as a creator.


Only using a guitar and my portable recorder one day I started to make and record some riffs, Then I put the tracks on my pc and added more instruments and mastered the song.


Electronic music is supposed to be easier to produce, and in some sense it is, but just because you don’t need physical instruments to play in a basic level doesn’t mean that it is easier to make.


I made this song a long time ago (like 3 years) just for fun, and I used it in one adventure video of mine recently, this kind of music is very flexible for various projects.


Not my favorite for video soundtrack but as music for remix and other similar purposes is very good, it has more downloads and shares than my other tracks.

My first serious music

The title is self explanatory, so this one is made from scratch all by my self, guitar riffs, synthesizers up to mastering.

“If we can dominate sound waves now to generate feelings in humans, can you imagine what will happen when we start to dominate brain waves?.”Me
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