Photo composition, Joyvel Osorio

Photo composition, using free royalty photos from internet I did a beautiful landscape. The main picture is the Kukenam mountain.

RC glider / sailplane design

Sailplane design, made in a 3D software and then worked with photoshop. This was part of a real project for the construction of an RC glider.

Dog man

A dog with a human body, the dog man is a photo composition made by Joyvel Osorio just for fun.

hoarding design

The building was created in a 3D software, rendered with the same textures of the real buildings, this was for one of my first clients, the final result was printed in a hoarding.


Just having fun with the image, contrast and its colors.

t-shirt design

The design was made by hand on my blog, scanned and then vectorized, I printed 10 t-shirts just for fun and for my friends.

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