Journey One

From the beginning, I opened my eyes, and I could see light, colors, and shapes. Then I realize that I was existing again, I wanted to fly, it was not a surprise. Some people strange, like in a cage, they always called me crazy but they can not even understand nor see, I tried to help but they’re so engaged, they’re not save even under the sea. So small but big at the same time, we’re all that, a miracle… from the most simple form of life to those called gods how beautiful is life.Joyvel Osorio

This is what I recorded in the song, it is kind of a poetic experiment or song experiment, it just sounds nice and I wanted to share it with you.

How did I make it?

There are two sides of the creation of my art pieces, whether it’s a song, a video, a picture or any art form; there is a spiritual side and a technical side, the spirit is where the art comes from, experiences, love, hate, all together, then I digest the information to a main idea, the idea is now in my imagination and then, to make it manifest I have to use the knowledge on the technical side. I’m not a professional musician, but for sure, I love to do these things.

I have some other songs that you can hear on my soundcloud page, click on the button to go there.

Or visit my music portfolio with my favorite tunes.

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